RECALL ALERT: Maffra Knackery Pet Meat (Victoria)

RECALL ALERT: Maffra Knackery Pet Meat (Victoria)

Recall of fresh and frozen raw pet meat sourced from Gippsland and sold between 31st May 2021 and 3rd July 2021. Products may be labelled “Maffra Knackery Chopped” or “Backman’s Greyhound Supplies”.

Maffra Knackery, also trading as Backman’s Greyhound Supplies, has launched a recall of raw chopped meat products in relation to 12 dog deaths and 50 reported illnesses. The recall, with recalls being voluntary in Australia, comes three weeks after the spate of sicknesses was originally reported to vets via the PetFAST system facilitated by the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).

PetFAST reported “a cluster of cases of acute hepatopathy in Victorian dogs fed pet meat has recently been identified” and “advises alerting clients and members of public whose dogs have eaten pet meat (especially if sourced from Victoria) and have acute onset of vomiting, inappetence, excessive thirst, or jaundice to contact their veterinarian as soon as possible”.

The sickness and deaths, reported as severe liver disease, are currently being investigated by Agriculture Victoria. At this stage there is no conclusive understanding as to what has caused the sickness, but the common link between affected dogs has been meat sourced from the Maffra Knackery.

Today, 21st July 2021, the director of Maffra Knackery has issued a recall of “any raw chopped pet food”. This comes after PrimeSafe suggested to Maffra Knackery that a voluntary recall is launched. It is our understanding PrimeSafe became aware of the issues on 2nd July 2021, and Agriculture Victoria three working days earlier on 29th June 2021.

Consumers who have purchased meats from Maffra Knackery during the period 31st May 2021 to 3rd July 2021 are advised to return the product to their place of purchase for a full refund or substitute product, or if purchased delivered can contact Maffra Knackery directly.

Statements from Maffra Knackery are available from Gippsland Times.

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