Pet Food Recall Alerts

There is no legal requirement in Australia to recall any pet food product, even if the product has been contaminated or believed to cause harm.

Recalls of pet food are voluntary in Australia as there is no official recall system in place.

If you experience an issue with a pet food product then it may be the case a pet food company or manufacturer are aware of the issue, but have avoided issuing a recall.

Any notification of a recall or issue with a pet food product can be very damaging for the company, which is why in Australia they tend to be avoided by the company as much as possible.

If you believe you have experienced an issue with your brand of pet food you may add a consumer report on the recall and issue log.

Official Recall Alerts

  • Meals for Mutts Recall Alert – October 2023
    Meals for Mutts officially announced a recall on 27th October 2023 due to “a concern regarding the presence of mould in some of our dry dog products”. Numerous consumers have lodged reports here. Information may be found on the recall alert Facebook post from MfM Australia. Affected batches Grain Free Salmon and Sardine 2.5Kg 3/09/2024…

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  • RECALL ALERT: Maffra Knackery Pet Meat (Victoria)
    Recall of fresh and frozen raw pet meat sourced from Gippsland and sold between 31st May 2021 and 3rd July 2021. Products may be labelled “Maffra Knackery Chopped” or “Backman’s Greyhound Supplies”. Maffra Knackery, also trading as Backman’s Greyhound Supplies, has launched a recall of raw chopped meat products in relation to 12 dog deaths…

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