How to report an issue with a pet food or pet product

The reporting of pet food adverse reactions is normally carried out by veterinary professionals, and we recommended you consult your vet if your pet shows any sign of reaction.

Pet owners are encouraged to log any adverse reaction which may correlate with a pet food brand or product on the relevant page. If a page does not exist for a pet food brand or product please contact us and we will endeavor to add it.

When logging information, please try and offer as much information as possible. This may include the formula or variation name, along with batch code or use by date.

Information such as breed, age, and overall health of your pet is recommended, along with allergies.

Detail any correspondence with your vet, any treatment, or improvement in health since the suspected product is removed from the diet.

If your pet is experiencing an adverse reaction, you should seek advice immediately from a veterinary professionalAustralian Pet Owners Group (APOG) is also not in a position to provide individual veterinary advice or to confirm whether your pet’s symptoms are being caused by your pet food or pet product.