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ADVANCE is a brand of Mars Petcare.


30/04/2018 ADVANCE Dermocare Voluntary Recall

Linked to Megaesophagus in over 100 dogs. Research conducted by Melbourne University U-Vet.

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Andrea Mason
1 year ago

I bought a bag of medium terrier fish and rice within hours of opening my 2 year old American bulldog broke out in hives
1 of 4 dogs I own to the vets as soon as opened after sitting with him from 3.30 am assuming that he had some contact with something
bag opened 25th of sep male dog reaction 26th tuesday 10 month old pup female vomited acts fine so no concern Tuesday afternoon 4 year old female stands try’s to vomit and has some kinda seizure rushed to the vets spent 2 hours there as she wasn’t showing any signs by the so they did full blood work and vagina swabs as she is a intact female
fave a Anti nausea injection
saturday she had another attack so we flimed it and sat with her as our vets weren’t open weekend a couple of hours later she was just sleeping when I realised that the other dog Mj a spade 6 year old female tried to get off the couch and couldn’t walk we grabbed both dogs and raced them to Kensington advanced vet care by the time we got there Mj was unable to stand was peeing all over us and Neurologically not there she was acting blind and critical she was admitted and on to a drip and had every blood test they could do including snake bite and everything was normal liver slightly Elevated but within normal by Sunday morning she was still no change by 4pm she was coming out of it and could come home I had stopped the food Saturday 8th as all I could think of was this is all they have ate free fed it in a tub I fill when it’s empty had eaten just over half a 13 Kgs bag advance wouldn’t admit fault or test the food petbarn were helpful told me to pick any replacement bag in there store or any brand let me keep the bag I have told me to get it tested while advance gave me a supermarket voucher as a gesture with no admissions meanwhile I’ve spent $3000 in vet bills
so far dogs are all acting normal now had Lucy the 4 year back to her regular vet so I could talk to her vets about what happened at the emergency vets and to ask what testing could be done as it feels I have no answers I rang legal aid who sent me to consumer affairs who told me to ring ACCC who said ring Department of agriculture in circles all day yesterday people should be aware of this product

Medium terrier fish and rice
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