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About CopRice

CopRice is a brand of CopRice (Ricegrowers Ltd).

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1 year ago

My experience after opening my second bag of coprice puppy. CONCIDENCENTAL????
1x 12 week old puppy dead after prolapse rectum. 2-3 pups from litter severe rashes on abdomen that ceased after taking them off food.
1 large dog that eats anything was nauseas and refused to eat most of it.. he is usually a vacuum.
1 x German shepherd vomited it up immediately.
A few days later one dog presented very sore with symptoms painful, weak In legs, very tense. I thought she may have hurt her neck. I gave anti inflammatory and it helped.. but then another of my girls presented the same …

puppy working dog
1 year ago

Coprice family dog gave my Mini Foxie terrible Diarreah.
Coprice Working Dog beef gave all of my dogs dull dry coats

Family Dog and Working Dog Beef