Elevate (Coles)

Elevate (Coles)

Coles Elevate Recall & Issue Log

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About Coles Elevate

Elevate is a home brand of Coles manufactured in Australia.

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3 months ago

I’ve eased my 3 cats into this product for about two weeks, my cats have progressively stopped eating and actually been throwing up the food.
I didn’t suspect it was this and assumed it may have been my parents over feeding only to find out they’ve been eating normally, everytime I’ve put them this they’d each vomit
one is an out door and two are indoor.
I feel so guilty for giving this to my cats it didn’t help with anything just made them throw up constantly.
genuinley so upset and never buying from this brand again.
for one cat to react that way okay, but all 3.
genuinley so upset.