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About Fussy Cat

Fussy Cat is a brand of The Real Pet Food Co.

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Hamish O
3 months ago

My cat is likely going to die in hospital due to pancytopenia caused by a likely bacterial infection caused by this food.
The food is the individually portioned vacuum sealed kangaroo & chicken refrigerated meat, and was fed whilst in date

Pat Annetts
3 months ago

I have a 12 box of Fussy Cat twice as tasty. All going well until I opened the tuna in chicken jelly. The smell was absolutely disgusting, contents very runny. I thought maybe that’s just the tuna. My cat look at me and said “no way am I eating that” (wisely I think. I have binned (outside) the muck and spritzed my smelly kitchen. This product was a disgrace. I don’t think I will risk Fussy Cat in future.

Twice as tasty mince & jelly
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

We lost our cat Tipi this February 2022. Tipi vomited, collapsed and spent the day in at our vet where we rushed her immediately after this happened. Tipi was put on IV Fluids and in intensive care but went into cardiac arrest and could not be revived by our vet with CPR. Tipi was only 9 years old and ate this meat twice a day. Even with other cat foods mixed in ( like fish or fancy feast) Tipi would pick only the meat out to eat. I believe Fussy cat frozen meat killed my cat. My review to Fussy Cat follows. Fussy cat now grain free chilled meat in the 5 section packets has preservative 220 in it, preservative 220 depletes thiamine an essential mineral like taurine is, for cats. Even if you add thiamine to counteract the preservative, preservative 220 destroys it. Bad for cats health. Used to buy 32 packets per fortnight for my rescue cats. 16 packs per week. Customer for years. Receipt below. Think about what you put in your product before saying it is a premium based food. Consult vets to find about about proper pet nutrition. I would rate you minus 1 if I could. I am really disappointed, I have paid good money to provide proper nutrition to my cats, I won’t buy cat food again that has preservative 220 in it, that research has shown makes cats sick. Never again. Change your product to frozen not fresh and don’t use dangerous preservatives in your product. Fussy cat then wrote back to me quoting American set guidelines to which I wrote here in lies your problem I am in Australia so why are you following American set guidelines? AAFCO is not Australian. The Pet Food Industry Association of Australia is the (PFIAA). In 2011 the industry code of practice was replaced with the Australian Standard for the Manufacturing and Marketing of Pet Food (AS 5812–2011), which has since been updated to the Australian Standard (AS 5812-2017) for the Manufacturing and Marketing of Pet Food. American standards are not like Australian stringent regulations. You’ve lost me as a customer. I have 1 frozen packet of fussy cat in my freezer. I would like to have it tested. Is there anywhere in SA I can do this please? I believe testing this food would show why cats are getting sick and losing their lives. This food upon getting tested should then be banned to prevent other peoples fur babes from getting seriously ill and losing their lives,

Fussy cat frozen meat 5 pack
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

Fussy Cat dry food gave my poor old moggy cat vomiting straight after eating it

1 year ago

I had 2 indoor cats (Weky, Lulu) until last week. have same food same water sleep together. only difference is one of cats Lulu loved to have beef mince. normally have different product but it was out of stock so we bought this.

Lulu had this mince for dinner and started to vomit after 1-2 hrs. then couldn’t stop vomit until nothing came out (yellow -> clear-> white bubble… ) she terribly suffered until we found and took her to Vet emergency at 5am. all the floor was wet with her vomit…. it was horrified. vet tried to save her but she passed away after tried CPR and everything…

  • Bought this 17/Oct/2022 (Expiry date is 2/Nov/2022)
  • Lulu was okay on 17/Oct/2022 after had this for dinner.
  • passed away next morning. (Attached all treatments she had at Vet Emergency)

Please note, this is rebrand product, after research I found that the previous version is V.I.P Petfoods Fussy Cat. If you go https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/v-i-p-petfoods-fussy-cat?page=2, you will see some people lost their cats after this and some cats got sick by this mince. Please please ban this product for selling so no more cat’s life consumed for their greed.

FYI, https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/fussy-cat-prime-steak-mince-5-x-90g

I still have 3 packs with expiry date in my refrigerator so if you need I can provide it for test.

Fussy Cat Prime Steak Mince 5 x 90g
Batch No. or Use By Date