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Ivory Coat is a pet food product manufactured by The Real Pet Food Co, Australia.

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5 days ago

Had been feeding my dog Ivory Coat Grain Free Lamb and Kangaroo dry food for 8 years without a problem but the bag I purchased at the end of 2023 suddenly made him so unwell with vomiting, diarrhoea and bloody stools. I threw out the bag just in case it was contaminated and purchased a new bag. After multiple visits to the vet, antibiotics, stool testing and a strict diet of chicken/rice, we tried weaning him back onto the new bag of Ivory Coat and within 24 hours he was so unwell with diarrhoea and vomiting again. After well over $1000 spent at the vet, the undoubted conclusion is that the Ivory Coat is causing his sickness. I’m not sure what has suddenly changed with the brand and formula after all these years but something sure has. I will never feed my dog Ivory Coat and put him through so much torture again. I can’t believe how unwell it made him.

Ivory Coat Grain Free Lamb and Kangaroo
Last edited 5 days ago by Jackson
1 month ago

My 1 year old staffy become extremely ill about 2 weeks ago. Severe diarreah and vomiting, fatigued and dehydrated. Has been at SASH emergency for most of this time on fluids to keep her hydrated. It has cost me so far $15,000 in vet bills with every test possible done on her from 2 X-rays, 1 ultrasound, PCRs, bloodwork, Addison disease testing and more. She comes home after 2 days in vet care and seems ok but then relapses. All tests came back negative and still no answers, she is now being referred to a medical specialist and is in SASH again for a few days due to her dehydration.

She has been on Lyka for some time as her main source of food however I generally give her half a cup of ivory coat biscuits as they are the only form of kibble she likes and she sometimes nibbles on them if she is hungry in between feeds.

I have just realised that 4 weeks ago I purchased another bag of ivory coat as we ran out, I opened this bag 3 weeks ago and she become ill not long after this.

Whilst she is on a bland boiled chicken diet for now she has still eaten some kibble the past few days when she was back home with us, this morning she relapsed again.

I have never seen diarreah like this, it constantly runs from her and no medication has helped to slow it down for more than 1 day.

I honestly believe that after reading all of these reviews and the fact that I have no answers on why my girl is so sick that it is due to the bag of ivory coat being contaminated and I plan to have a test done on the food.

Not good enough that a recall on their food hasn’t occurred recently, it is making dogs so sick.

Lamb and Kangaroo
Batch No. or Use By Date
860428 - expiry 15/08/2025
Ronald Ratavosi
4 months ago


Recently bought Ivory Coat varieties. Our dogs have been feeling ill.

Vomitting, diarrhoea, fatigue, dehydration, cramping.

Since realising we have had to put down one of our senior dogs tonight due to severe pain and illness.

Ocean fish, chicken,
Batch No. or Use By Date
4 months ago

I threw a nearly full bag into the bin. With so many bad reviews here and on other sites of similar nature, we believe this dry food might be responsible for vomiting, with blood, loose stools, lethargy, loss of appetite which had been really good before feeding our cat this food.
It looks, judging from a lot of reviews, that Ivory Coat was a good, healthy brand till they changed packaging and seemingly the formula. Cat or dog food, we would advise people to stay away from it. Strangely enough, we went to pet barn to buy another brand but were convinced by the sales person to buy this one. Later we noticed that it only had barely a couple of months till expiry which is bad enough. We hope, pet barn will look into this health concern that so many cat and dog owners have reported on, on various sites.in fact, Ivory Coat should take this seriously and not just.write apologetic comments under negative reviews. They should recall their products till these sad reports have been thoroughly investigated.

Ivory Coat kitten ocean fish and salmon
Batch No. or Use By Date
9/03/2024 use by
5 months ago

My 6 year old border collie developed runny diarrhoea, vomiting and blood in urine . After 1 week of Ivory coat .

Grain free turkey
Batch No. or Use By Date
Gloria Aarts
6 months ago

Our soon to be 7 year old cocker spaniel has eaten Ivory Coat since a puppy. Always done well on this with a beautiful coat and lots of energy BUT I believe the last bag purchased at Petbarn Minchinbury early Jan 2024 (chicken Grain Free) has caused a problem. Because of the heat in Western Sydney, we thought he was just relaxing inside a lot however, he didn’t do his usual run to the kitchen when “Breakfast” called, at dinner time he is hiding under the table, refusing to catch a bickie and has stopped bounding out the door on the “let’s eat” comand. Two days ago he threw up green bile (we thought he had eaten something he had picked up in the yard) then yesterday loose stools in the yard but last night woken by him at 4am desperate to go outside – unfortunately he couldn’t wait and had gone in the loungeroom. Will stop feeding from this bag and give some boiled rice & chicken till vet opens Monday morning. After paying top price all these years I am extremley disappointed at the obvious problen with this product.

Ivory Coat Grain Fee Chicken
Batch No. or Use By Date
860400 date 21/3/2025
Last edited 6 months ago by Gloria Aarts
Marika Smith
6 months ago

I have 3 x gsds and 1 x kelpie x. All young, fit and never had an issue. Swapped across to.Ivory Coat Lamb and Sardine and over the past week, our pack has been lethargic. We put down to extreme heat but last night, our dogs all have diarrhoea. They were up all night with stomach aches, runny stomachs and lethargic again.
No changes other then these biscuits and all have perfect medical history including perfect weights and fitness.

Lamb and Sardine Grain Free
Batch No. or Use By Date
7 months ago

Thank you for posting. My 16yo maltese shih tzu had the shakes, I put it down to old age. Was random and brief but intermittent. After reading this I was shocked. She has been on wellness core for 10 years no problems but I added ivory coat wet food to mix in, about a year ago. The shakes I realised appeared about the same time. I removed ivory coat from her diet after reading this and she has not had the shakes since.. now I’m mixing her wellness core with a freeze dried food like k9 and frontier pets with no further problems. So grateful for your posts about this or I may not have put two and two together.

Ivory coat grain free wet dog food
Batch No. or Use By Date
7 months ago

New bag of dog food, Ivory coast grain free ocean fish & salmon – 4yr Frenchie after about a week in has been having extremely soft to diarrhea. I have always used this since she came off puppy. 2 vet appointments in 2 weeks – $800 spent. Stool sample now sent off today for testing.

grain free ocean fish & salmon
Batch No. or Use By Date
8 months ago

We got a new bag of Ivory Coat Grain Free – 10 month old golden after a day or so started having uncontrollable diarrhoea with no other explanation for it.

Grain Free Chicken
Batch No. or Use By Date
9 months ago

I slowly transition my 7yo dog from Royal canin to Ivory coat. With in a few weeks I noticed my dog was shaking at night it was more of a neurological shake, he was not fast asleep. It was like his body was do tense and stiff and would shake uncontrollably.
i switched him back to his original food and found with in a few days he was back to normal and the shaking completely stopped.

Ivory coat grain free chicken
Batch No. or Use By Date
10 months ago

Been feeding my Beagle Ivory Coat for over 4 Years now, Lamb and Sardine, tried the Salmon one a few months ago . After I reading the reviews I know realise what is wrong with him. Over the last 6 months noticed that he has been very thirsty, diarrhoea, shedding etc. Cant believe it could be his food!
I have brought this brand because I was recommended it by the pet store (Petbarn) as a high end good quality food. I am really angry that something isn’t being done about it. So glad I stumbled onto this site.
Just ordered him new food, poor boy can’t believe I have been pitting him through this!!!!

Ivory coat lamb and sardine
Kristine Robertson
10 months ago

Having read all discussions I am sure Ivory Coat has affected my 60 kg Rottweiler adversely.
He has been eating Eukanuba Fit Body kibble for a couple of years as well as home prepared dog food which he loves!
Due to ear infections I decided to look at his diet. The last couple of bags have been Ivory Coat.I did notice a change in him however not during the early change but nothing major. This time all is different. He had diarrhoea that is very dark in colour, insatiable thirst also lethargy. He also started to drool badly. I stopped feeding him IC last Friday, instead cooked steamed rice and shredded chicken then rice and beef strips then rice and scrambled eggs. His poops today more solid and he appears to be well and not drinking near as much.
I will take him to the vets tomorrow to have him checked out but he seems to have settled down although still slightly lethargic.
I am adding to other peoples findings hoping Ivory Coat will show some concern and look into this product. It was the Adult Grain Free Ocean Salmon.
I empty the food into a sealed container and have disposed of the bag so no batch number available unless pet store can supply.

Ivory Coat Adult Ocean Salmon grain free
Batch No. or Use By Date
11 months ago

We have been feeding our puppy 50/50 Ziwi and Ivory Coat. Puppy loved Ziwi but found it was too expensive on its own so tried to lower the cost a little. He started getting a upset stomach, watery stools even after months of being on the diet and then eventually stopped eating. Vet said he was being fussy and to try and limit access to food until he ate again.
Once finally eating again upset stomach continued on and off, I thought there might be a chance he had a chicken allergy although his previous kibble was chicken and he was fine eating that with no stomach issues.

Our puppy then had an accident which caused him to have bloat, so he was put on a bland chicken diet while he recovered due to the fact he was still having watery stools before the accident. I was still concerned about a chicken allergy as his stomach was not getting better so we switched to kangaroo meat. After another week of no progress, we sent off a stool sample which has come back positive for salmonella.

I obviously can’t say for sure that the salmonella did not come from the boiled chicken we were feeding him, however we were also sharing the boiled chicken he was eating as we were using it as pizza toppings and in sandwiches etc, so it seems unlikely that the salmonella has come from what we have cooked (although not impossible) as we have not been sick.

Now he is on antibiotics and is getting better the vet has asked we reintroduce his kibble with his kangaroo for a more balanced diet. He has been having small amounts of his kibble for 2-3 days now and has started vomiting and drinking excessive amounts of water compared to usual.

I once again can’t rule out for certain that it isn’t the antibiotics causing the vomiting. But ironically the only food he threw back up was the Ivory Coat Kibble, none of the kangaroo meat or Ziwi so seems a little bit odd to me.

And it still leaves the question of where the Salmonella came from.

Would be interested to know if any other dogs have had stool samples sent off and found any salmonella after eating Ivory Coat.

Ivory Coat Grain Free Chicken Puppy Food
11 months ago

Started on ivory coat for about a week. have been checking the stools from day one and behold there is blood on day 7.

aint no way real ivory coat made any positive changes after the acquisition from real pet food company. apparently this is when the packaging changed and also the reports of sick and dying dogs became apparent. They didn’t even apologise about killing dogs nor release any official statements so in effect; ivory coat is still poisoning dogs. I should have done my research.

Turkey and brown rice
Batch No. or Use By Date
Reply to  Josh
11 months ago

Josh I got new bag for my girl of turkey senior bag back in dec since then within two weeks of eating new bag in jan onwards we have had ongoing blood in stool diarrhoea, loss of appetite , liver heptatic issues and now suspect IBD . She ended up with gastro haemoraging I. Hospital twice in feb and march on iv, antibiotics probiotics and he’ll of battle to save her. March onwards she had been on extremely bland diet and still not ok as her immune biohome is out of whack and attacking her body.

until the change in ownership and formula being altered she had always thrived on this food without the slightest issue. Definitely something wrong with this food. I purchased from pet circle online they gave me full refund and even took note of my issues. My local pet stock store when I spoke about it said they have had many issues with ivory coat and don’t recommend it.

1 year ago

Folks, our 7 year old puppy is also ill after eating Ivory coat. We were shocked to see that, in terms of issues logged on the APOG website, out of all manufacturers, Ivory coat leads the pack by a large margin. Below are the pet foods sorted by recall and issue count in descending order (most issues to least issues):

Brand Number, Issues Logged
Ivory Coat 52
Baxters (Woolworths) 15
Black Hawk 6
Meals for Mutts / Meals for Meows 5
SuperVite 5
Fussy Cat 3
Leaps & Bounds 3
CopRice 2
Nature’s Gift 2
Prime100 2
Applaws 1
Felix (Purina) 1
Pedigree 1
Pro Plan (Purina) 1
Smitten (Woolworths) 1
Supercoat (Purina) 1
Woofin’ Good 1
4Cyte Canine 0
Apollo (Woolworths) 0
Billy + Margot 0
Bonnie (Purina) 0
Cobber Dog 0
Complete Cuisine (Coles) 0
Dine 0
DogPro 0
Dr B’s BARF 0
Earthborn 0
Elevate (Coles) 0
Eukanuba 0
Fancy Feast (Purina) 0
Farmers Market 0
Friskies (Purina) 0
Goodo 0
Greenies 0
Hill’s Prescription Diet 0
Hill’s Science Diet 0
Iams 0
Lucky Dog (Purina) 0
Man’s Best 0
My Dog 0
Nature’s Goodness 0
Nood 0
Nutro 0
Pedigree Dentastix 0
ProBalance (Petbarn & City Farmers) 0
Purina One 0
Royal Canin 0
Schmackos 0
Temptations 0
Treat Your Dog Australia 0
Trilogy 0
True Colours 0
V.I.P. Petfoods 0
Weruva 0
Whiskas 0
Woofbix 0
Yours Droolly 0

Grain Free Dry Dog Food Adult Salmon And Ocean Fish 20kg
Batch No. or Use By Date
Could not find any on pack
1 year ago

I lost my bitch at 2 years old her pancreas failed due to this kibble. My 2 year old now has started showing the same signs at the same age. I can only put it down to this feed and i thought i was feeding them healthy food.

1 year ago

My assistance dog ate Ivory Coat for four years of her life without issue but last year I noticed the packaging changed and so did the look of the kibble, and not long after we started feeding from the new pack, she and two other dogs I knew who were also eating it threw up blood within a week of each other.

Grain free chicken
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

Feeding my dog Ivory Coat Grain Free salmon and ocean fish for years now. This last bag has not been sitting well, not sure if it’s this or the dog roll so will log for that also. Seems to hit her stomach, 2-4 hours later vomited. No changes to her appetite.

Grain Free salmon & fish adult all breeds
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

I fed my lab with Ivory Coat Grain Free for the past continuous three years till last Dec 2022, all of a sudden, he became lethargic and vomited occasionally with bloody diarrhea. It also came with severe skin irritation with tons of dandruff. I took him to the vet several times but not until late Jan 2023, I suspected Ivory Coat Grain Free as this was his main food source. I stopped feeding him with Ivory Coat but only Ziwi dog can, cooked chicken breast, and sometimes plain rice, he then gradually recovered from lethargy and skin irritation vanished within two weeks.

I notice Ivory Coast changed the package and the biscuit became smaller than before, they may changed the formula as well.

I would never repurchase this brand to avoid any further sickness even the death of my chonky fur baby.

Grain Free Chicken
1 year ago

I have used ivory Coat for 2 plus years and all was great for my whippet. Last order of salmon as per usual has been a nightmare for my whippet and also my chihuahua. Both having loose messy and excessive poo for both dogs. Have decided to find a brand that does not let my pets suffer with diarrhoea constantly.

Ivory Coat Sardine
Batch No. or Use By Date
Not known
1 year ago

I’ve had problems with this food for months and didn’t realise until today
I have 2 English bull terriers
they’ve been on ivory coat for atleast 8 years now
these dogs like all purebreds have skin conditions and need expensive grain free food to not look ratty and not get the eye boogers & rashes
my oldest dog is about 11 or 12 now but she’s still in really good condition
the last month or so she hasn’t been interested in the food what so ever
I had started giving her mince and cans of ivory coat wet food instead of the biscuits thinking maybe her teeth couldn’t handle the biscuits anymore
but then the younger boy bully(5 years old) wasn’t interested in it either… let me tell use now these dogs will vomit and eat it , they’d eat their own sh*t so long as it had a crumb of human food on top of it so the fact the dogs are refusing this food says it all
Also my dogs have been eating berry’s from palm trees in the backyard for weeks now too and I couldn’t understand why
They are trying to force themselves to vomit up the food

i won’t buy ivory coat ever again now even if use dropped the price from $120 to $20 a bag i still won’t buy it
it seems to be in every batch & flavour & ever since they changed their packaging/ bags to a new style / design

All flavours chicken & rice , lamb & roo , salmon & tuna
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

Our 5yo Staffy suddenly became very ill over the new year. She had vomiting and diarrhea so severe we eventually ended up at the emergency vet. The vet believed it was pancreatitis and tried asking if it was something she had eaten over the festive period (eg. too much ham), I stated it couldn’t be cause our other dogs diet is monitored religiously. She came good after a day in emergency however refused to eat anything when we returned home, this continued for a week or so until she was hand fed some of her kibble. The day after she finally accepted some form of food the vomiting and diarrhea returned. She threw up what looked to be poo at one point which necessitated another visit to an emergency vet. The vet couldn’t find any obstructions. They only found that her organs had swelled and that her stomach was filled with liquid (odd because she refused to drink). She passed earlier this year and in looking for a different food to feed our remaining dog I happened to find this site and read all these stories of very similar symptoms that others dogs have suffered. The bag of Ivory Coat she was fed was new and I didn’t even think to link her mysterious life ending sickness to her kibble.

Ivory Coat Lamb & Kangaroo
Cliff Russell
1 year ago

Started giving my basset ivory coat & he was OK for about 1 1/2 weeks but then he started throwing up & turns his nose up at the food. This dog will eat anyhing, so for him to not eat is very strange. Going to change food. Do not recommend this brand.

Adult dog grain free
Batch No. or Use By Date
Haven't got packageing
1 year ago

This morning I opened a pouch of Ivory. Coat wet cat food (chicken and lamb in gravy). This is not about an adverse reaction, because no pet would eat what came out of this sachet. I don’t know what was wrong with it but it had the rankest smell I’ve ever experienced – I had to air freshen and open the doors in my house to get rid of it. I could barely manage this without throwing up, and I‘m not a delicate person. Really hoping this is a one-off and not something I’ll encounter in any other sachets – no doubt this will go unanswered like the other comments I see below, but please look into it because obviously there was some sort of contemplation and it’s seriously making me consider whether to continue purchasing Ivory Coat

Ivory Coat grain free chicken and lamb in gravy for adult cats
Batch No. or Use By Date
Use by Jan 12, 2024 - can’t find a batch #
1 year ago

I just lost my beautiful 8yo boy, and I suspect Ivory Coat was the cause.

He has been fed Ivory Coat for 7 years, and was completely healthy, happy, and active up until a year ago.

He too became sick with pancreatitis in December 2021. No one could figure out the cause. We nearly lost him then. A healthy 8yo lab x staffy.

He had two further milder versions of pancreatitis in 2022. And then a couple of weeks ago, he suddenly started losing weight, despite still eating. I made an appointment for him to see the vet, and ended up taking him in earlier when he went off his food. He too was drinking and weeing a lot.

Vets initially diagnosed diabetic ketoacidosis (insulin dependent diabetes). I was relieved, as I am a medical professional, and was comfortable with administering insulin and monitoring him etc.

Then the insulin stopped working. They changed to an insulin infusion. It worked for a day, and then stopped working again.

Vets ended up suspecting underlying Cushing’s Disease. They took the blood for a synacthen test, but he passed away before we got the results or could institute treatment.

Cushing’s Disease is very closely linked with both pancreatitis and diabetes. Cushing’s Disease is a disorder of the adrenal glands in which they release too much cortisol steroid hormone. This can lead to pancreatitis, and it can lead to insulin resistance.

If the new formulation of Ivory Coat is coming from questionable sources, they could have high levels of steroid in them, which is a primary cause of Cushing’s Disease.

I can’t believe I have been poisoning my baby boy, and now he is gone.

These products and the company behind them need to go!!! Nothing is worth losing an animal like that. He should have lived at least another 5 to 8 years.

Do NOT feed your animals Ivory Coat, or anything from the same (new) manufacturer.

Didn't keep the bags - threw them out
1 year ago

Two weeks ago started transitioning our 2 cavoodles both 20 months old onto Ivory Coat grain free Lamb. Obi the smaller of our 2 boys was fine on a Tuesday night then unwell the next morning he wouldn’t walk and was really off. Vet visit, did X-ray, showed he was very backed up and had a lot of undigested food inside him and he was dehydrated. He was sent home after given medication to relieve these issues. He still wasn’t well the next morning so he went back to the vet and they did blood tests. He had a lot of inflammation in his body and they diagnosed him as having poly arthritis and began treating him with fluids and steriods, After spending 2 nights at vets, he was not showing any signs of improvement. Being a Saturday he was transferred to emergency vet hospital and put into ICU for 5 days. He had blood in his loose stools, joint inflammation, neck pain, temperatures, wasn’t eating, blood wasn’t clotting fast enough, gastrointestinal issues. Multiple blood tests, ultrasounds, CT scan, lumbar tap, fluid taken from his joints for testing. Diagnosed with meningitis and poly arthritis. They are unable to give a definitive reason as to how he got this, they believe it is an auto immune response and we won’t know what triggered it. As the Ivory Coat was the only change that we made and after finding all of these reviews I believe this could have been the cause and we have returned it to the place of purchase. After 10 and a half days of vet care 5 of that spent in ICU and an $18,000 vet bill he is now home. He is still not 100% but he is home and we are extremely lucky that he survived.

Ivory Coat Grain Free Lamb
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

3 kitten deaths of Pedigree British shorthair kittens

Ivory coat kitten
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

Long time user of ivory coat grain free chicken and coconut oil.
After opening a new bag in August 2022, my dog had a sudden onset of mucus loose stools and vomiting. Vet said it was gastro. Started him on antibiotics, antiemetics and electrolyte hydration sachets. Fed him chicken and pumpkin for a week, he came good. Started back on his regular dog food, within a week he had the d’s and v’s again. Found this site. Stopped feeding him ivory coat and chucked the remaining dog biscuits.

1 year ago

We have had our dog Alfie a King Charles Cavalier X Cocker Spaniel for just over 1yr, we had just changed him over to Adult kibble after being on Ivory Coat puppy biscuits so far as his older brother (same breed) has been having them for years with no issues. Since our change of Alfie to the aforementioned kibble he has experienced dramatic weight loss and has kidney leakage issues. The vet initially believed it to be a case of Chronic Kidney Failure but now perhaps Fanconi Syndrome (an issue which has come from Chinese made food previously). This is also a Kidney leakage issue that hopefully can be survived, we are at this stage unsure how much damage has been caused but he is ok now. We have now thrown out all Ivory Coat food immediately and would encourage anyone else to do the same.

Ivory Coat - Adult Dog - Lamb & Kangaroo
Batch No. or Use By Date
Best Before 20/01/2024
Reply to  Patrick
1 year ago

An update on this issue, Alfie has now unfortunately passed away 8th November 2022, officially 7 days since signs were first registered with the vets. He ended up developing low pH and high creatinine levels over a sustained period to cause high levels of potassium in his blood and ulcers in his mouth and stomach. Ultimately this was a very quick change in 3-4hours on the 8th after initially responding well to treatment. Please save yourself the heartache and if you are feeding your dog this food immediately remove it and get to the vet. Insist on urinalysis and blood analysis and get him on fluid treatment immediately. Hopefully you can skip the broken heart we now have.

1 year ago

Over the past couple of months, both of my dogs have had recurring bouts of lethargy, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. It was only after weeding everything else out (they’re been only eating Ivory Coat Grain Free Lamb & Kangaroo for the past month) that I finally looked into Ivory Coat and saw all the terrible reviews. I can’t believe it took me this long to realise the problems started at the same size the look & size (and ingredients, it seems) of the ivory coat kibble changed a couple of months ago.
The more I read, the more horrified I became – people are reporting their pets have died from illness caused by this dog food! Something needs to be done about this, it’s unacceptable. 

Grain Free Lamb & Kangaroo
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

Ivory coat meat sachets for cats. Cat has been at the vets blood in poo. Unwell, sad, 600$ plus. Avoid this food at all costs

Ivory coat meat sachets
1 year ago

Been feeding my dog Kingsley this since she was a puppy. Shes 4 now.
At the end of last year/start of this year we noticed that she was having lots of loose/mucousy stools on and off.
We thought it just had something to do with us feeding her meat treats, and made a conscious effort not to over feed her chicken or pork. It seemed to happen less when we did that, but it still happened.

I was lucky enough that another dog owner saw me picking up a bag of ivory coat and warned me off of it as I had no idea of these issues, and never thought it could be her kibble as she had been eating it her whole life.

Ive since changed to a different kibble and we haven’t had a single issue for quite some time now.

Very lucky that we ran into the other dog owner when we did!

Ivory Coat Grain Free Dry Dog Food Lamb And Kangaroo 13kg
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

I’m horrified – I’ve been using Ivory Coat for 5 years, mixing the flavours. Every now and then, towards the end of the bag, my Rhodesian Ridgeback would get ill with vomiting and diarrhoea. I put it down to the product oxidising so have been throwing out the last 20%, which gets quite expensive. Will be switching to another product straight away.

Ivory Coat - any flavour
1 year ago

Have fed ivory coat for years, thinking it was a quality dog food.One of our dogs has suffered numerous bouts of severe intestinal issues with numerous stays in the vet.
Recently two of our three dogs got diarrhea, blood and mucus in stool and lathargic. Off to the vet and onto the chicken and rice. Started to come good, weaned them back onto normal food again, diarrhea again. This happened a third time before l googled ivory coat reviews.
Our poor dogs put up with this for over three weeks!
These guys need to be sued!

Lamb and sardine
Batch No. or Use By Date
V11 April 2023 11:11
Kerryn Armstrong
1 year ago

I moved my cat to Ivory earlier this year, a couple of month ago she had blood in her stool… she went to the vet for this. I wasn’t aware there was a suspected link?!

Adult dry cat
Batch No. or Use By Date
Continuous use for the last 9 months
Lisa M
1 year ago

My senior dog became very ill over the weekend after consuming Ivory Pet senior turkey variety. I am horrified to learn that this food is still on shelves and well known pet stores are still recommending.

Senior turkey grain fee
Batch No. or Use By Date
Best before May 2023
1 year ago

Our gorgeous groodle puppy has had two seperate incidents where thIs ivory coat brand had caused him extreme upset and I’m so annoyed I went back to it in a different flavour. Extreme diarrhoea and distress with larger puppy breed biscuits. Home cooked rice, chicken and vegetables did the trick and our happy boy was back. I tried to reintroduce these past two weeks regular puppy chicken flavour and he drunk so much water he had become possessed and nature had changed and so unsettled. Because I was mixing his food with homecooked meals and bowels seemed okay I didn’t put two and two together and raced him to the vet. Literally drinking litres of water. Bloods showed imbalance of electrolytes and they thought he may have diabetes insipidus. We were shattered. After racking my brain I worked out it’s the dam biscuits. We’ve stopped and day one of not giving them he is already better. Back to his normal happy self. My gosh what a relief. Please pass on our story.

Ivory Coat puppy biscuits
Batch No. or Use By Date
New recipe
Katerina Tsilfidis
1 year ago

I have been feeding my cat Ivory Coat for a few months. I fed him chicken & ocean fish. I could tell he didnt like it. I persisted but found him vomiting. I did some research and found a facebook site with negative comments. I thought it was a good brand.

Chicken & fish in jelly
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20 dec 2023
2 years ago

Brought this wet food for my cats opened on packet smelt worse than the sewage plants I used to work on. Can’t get rid of the smell

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2 years ago

My Dogue de Bordeaux ran out of dry food so we thought we’d slowly introduce him to the ivory coat brand. After one day of slow introduction to this food, we noticed he was having severe diarrhoea and extremely lethargic. It got so bad that we rushed him to the emergency vets in the middle of the night. The vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him and had to check him into the hospital throughout the day.

He was extremely dehydrated and only came good in the afternoon. To this day, the vets don’t know what caused it however, reading through the reviews now, we are absolutely convinced it was the food we gave him as that was the only thing we’ve changed in his routine that week.

We’ve never fed him anything from that brand since and never had any issues since.

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2 years ago

Our 12 year old dog has become really sick after we started him in Ivory Coat for mature adult dogs a few says ago – he has been vomiting for 4 days and very lethargic. Quite unwell. The only thing different is the dog food . We googled it and found all of these reviews – similar symptoms. Now costing us vet bills. He has always been a happy healthy dog who is very active and we noticed the change within a day .I would never but this product again .

Ivory coat mature
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Aug 2023
2 years ago

Our 4-year old boy started getting really bad diarrhoea and has been really lethargic after we started him on Ivory Coat Adult Cat Ocean Fish & Salmon. Expiry date: 27 March 2023.

We had stopped it and put him on a different brand. When we ran out we put him back on Ivory Coat and he began having extremely bad diarrhoea. We suspected something was wrong and googled it. This is when we came across the exact same symptoms that are being seen by other pet owners who fed their pets Ivory Coat.

Adult Cat Food - Ocean Fish & Salmon
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27 March 2023
2 years ago

I used to feed my dog optimum grain free dry food but he went off it and so I thought ivory coat was a good brand and put him on the chicken ivory coat dry food. I shouldn’t have. My dog ended up having to be put down, I didn’t think it had anything to do with his food but now I’m not so sure after reading everyone’s stories. He started vomiting a lot, had severe diarrhoea and was severely dehydrated, and then he stopped eating. I took him to the vet and his kidneys were failing, now I don’t know and I’m not sure I will ever know if it was a direct cause of feeding him ivory coat but a happy; healthy 5 year old dog turned into an unhappy, ill and dying dog not long after I switched his food.

Dry Dog Food Adult Chicken And Brown Rice
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2 years ago

This food has made my 13 month old cavoodle very very sick. She enjoyed the Ivory Coat puppy dry food and had no problems at all (purchased last year and in different brand packaging), so when it ran out last week I bought her the same brand in the adult formula in the Ivory Coat grain free range (in the new brand packaging). Only a few days of eating this new food and she has been very sick vomiting bile twice and straining to poo every 30 minutes with little success and she now has blood diarrhoea
She has been to the vet and had faecal samples taken of which both came back negative for parasites, plus she is up to date with vaccinations and worming/tic tablets etc. which suggests she has reacted to something she has eaten and this food is all she has been having. She is now on a bland diet of chicken and rice with probiotics. Only 1.5 days of the new diet and I haven’t noticed any changes to her poo yet and she is still straining. 
This whole time I thought she must have had an obstruction in her bowel from a foreign object or something which was causing the excessive straining and I didn’t even give her new dog food a single thought until my partner suggested today (6/5/22) that because the kibble size was larger than the previous puppy food, that she was having trouble digesting it. So that was when I googled this product today to see if anyone else had any similar issues and that was when I saw all of the reviews on Product Review which are all so consistent with every symptom she has had. I instantly cried once I realised I had been making her sick this whole time by feeding this SH*T to her and I returned the dog food to Petbarn immediately and got a full refund for 2 bags. 
I cannot believe I subjected my beloved pet to this poisonous product. I have been absolutely beside myself all afternoon since seeing all of these online reviews which describe exactly what we have been experiencing this past week.
This product is absolutely terrible and I cannot believe this product is still being sold in pet stores after coming across all of these negative reviews of dogs getting really sick from it. Surely that would be considered necessary for a product recall???
I will never ever be purchasing from this company again.

Ivory Coat Grain free adult chicken and coconut oil (small breeds)
2 years ago

I adopted a cat in May last year. We were advised that Ivory coat would be a great food for our cat. She was very picky with foods and we had at the point of purchasing Ivory coat tried out many different foods. The only one she seemed to like, was the sea food from Ivory coat, The first bag was fine, but then after purchasing the second bag, she started to vomit several times per week.

Before xmas, I had taken her to the vet 4 times between june – dec 2021, they ended up taking bloods, but they could not identify the exact reason as to WHY she was vomiting, but she was missing important nutrients, that was otherwise supposed to be provided in the food.

Her coat started to look like she was sick. She stopped playing and we were quite concerned with her health.
I made a notice of that the food she was vomiting up was NOT broken down. This led me to take a small portion of her dry food, pour hot water over it and wait for it to disintegrate. This did not happen within the first 20 minutes, as you would expect from a zoo keeper point of view, nor did it disintegrate over night.

This made me quite concerned and I reached out to Ivory coat, my vet and to my local pet shop. I immediately stopped using Ivory coat and changed to other foods.

Ivory coat was very disinterested in that their products weren’t breaking down and told me that hot water wasn’t stomach acid. I advised her that I have a zookeeping degree and forensic science degree and no matter what, the foods should have softened up and broken down. The lady I spoke to did not care.

The vet and the pet shop was very supportive and advised to stop the food immediately.

The pet shop also did the hot water experiment and they checked the food daily, but it didnt soften up after a week. Needless to say, they never advise people to purchase Ivory coat.

Luckily, our little girl is still alive.

2 years ago

I purchased Ivory Coat Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Food on 31/3/22 as my dogs normal food was out of stock. I gradually introduced the new food with the remaining old food until this week when my two dogs have been on Ivory Coat only. We noticed that both dogs, a labrador cross and Brittany Spaniel, looked a bit fuller around the stomach in the past week. Last night my Brittany Spaniel at first refused to eat his food ( this never happens!) then he did eat it and less that half hour later vomited it all up. Through the night he had loose stools, until this morning he had bloody diarrhoea. I have placed him on Chicken and rice and hopefully this clears up his stomach.

Ivory Coat Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Food 18kg
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28 APR 2023
2 years ago

We lost our Border Collie Marley in April 2021. Ivory Coat was her main source of food. We thought she had got a bout of gastro and placed her on antibiotics. She lost her appetite (this had built up over a month or two of eating less / leaving her pellets), but drinking loads of water, she was also more lethargic – slowing down on her walks and not playing as much at home. She had black bloody stools on and off and ended up at an emergency vet. They tested for cancer and autoimmune diseases and couldn’t find anything. Meanwhile her body was slowly shutting down and she got weaker and weaker. We lost her at 6 years old. It wasn’t until I was alerted to articles circulating about Ivory Coat that this all started falling into place. I read the articles below and all present with very similar symptoms. Given the vets found NO indication of serious illness I can’t help but conclude that you poisoned my dog to death. I will NEVER feed a dog over processed s….t like this again.

Lamb / Sardine and Chicken / Turkey.
2 years ago

My 6 year old shepherd/kelpie cross Sooty had been eating Ivory Coat ‘Lamb and Sardine’ biscuits for two years with no problems until Dec 2021 when he started to experience sudden vomiting and diarrhoea. Thinking it was just a random upset tummy, I would put him on a bland chicken/rice diet and then back on Ivory Coat when his poos were back to normal. However the same thing would happen again within a week. This frequency was unusual and the vomiting and diarrhoea was a lot more urgent than it is if he just had IBS (he couldn’t hold on to go outside and he is extremely well toilet trained!!). I switched to a ‘chicken with coconut oil’ Ivory Coat bag thinking he may have developed an intolerance to lamb or sardine after eating it for a few years. The issues seemed to settle for a couple of weeks but then came back even worse with blood in his diarrhoea and vomiting through the night. The vet has now diagnosed pancreatitis and was very surprised as Sooty is a healthy weight and has no risk factors. I started to suspect his food could have caused or triggered this and now that I’ve seen these stories I feel terrible that I kept feeding it to him…I trusted Ivory Coat as he’d eaten it for years and although I know it’s not premium, it is marketed as a high quality food! But I see now that the owner and manufacturing location and process has changed. Perhaps the new stock had just hit my local petbarn? I don’t know and unfortunately I didn’t keep the bags so I don’t know batch number etc (i think expiry was late 2022). Pancreatitis can be caused by poor diet including fats in dog biscuits becoming rancid or oxidised – I’d be interested in knowing whether Ivory Coat’s manufacturing process or storage lends itself to this. I’m hoping that we have avoided major damage to Soot’s pancreas but I’m not sure as he ate this stuff for so long and i’m worried it gradually damaged his system to the point that it couldn’t handle it anymore 🙁 he’s still only tolerating rice and pumpkin but will be trying him on Acana and Lyka as soon as he can handle it. If no recall, the packaging for Ivory Coat should at least be changed to clearly show this is now a different product.

Lamb and Sardine
2 years ago

My 6 months old poodle is normal healthy and active until I start feeding him Ivory Coat Chicken for grain free for puppies recommended by a Pet Stock staff. He has diaorhea and watery stool 3 or 4 times at one sitting after feeding. His upset tummy also messes up his toilet training. He has no previous issues with Advance chicken puppy food. I’ll definitely stop feeding him with Ivory Coat.

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29 Mar 2023