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About Ivory Coat

Ivory Coat is a pet food product manufactured by The Real Pet Food Co, Australia.

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4 days ago

Our 4-year old boy started getting really bad diarrhoea and has been really lethargic after we started him on Ivory Coat Adult Cat Ocean Fish & Salmon. Expiry date: 27 March 2023.

We had stopped it and put him on a different brand. When we ran out we put him back on Ivory Coat and he began having extremely bad diarrhoea. We suspected something was wrong and googled it. This is when we came across the exact same symptoms that are being seen by other pet owners who fed their pets Ivory Coat.

Adult Cat Food - Ocean Fish & Salmon
Batch No. or Use By Date
27 March 2023
6 days ago

I used to feed my dog optimum grain free dry food but he went off it and so I thought ivory coat was a good brand and put him on the chicken ivory coat dry food. I shouldn’t have. My dog ended up having to be put down, I didn’t think it had anything to do with his food but now I’m not so sure after reading everyone’s stories. He started vomiting a lot, had severe diarrhoea and was severely dehydrated, and then he stopped eating. I took him to the vet and his kidneys were failing, now I don’t know and I’m not sure I will ever know if it was a direct cause of feeding him ivory coat but a happy; healthy 5 year old dog turned into an unhappy, ill and dying dog not long after I switched his food.

Dry Dog Food Adult Chicken And Brown Rice
Batch No. or Use By Date
10 days ago

This food has made my 13 month old cavoodle very very sick. She enjoyed the Ivory Coat puppy dry food and had no problems at all (purchased last year and in different brand packaging), so when it ran out last week I bought her the same brand in the adult formula in the Ivory Coat grain free range (in the new brand packaging). Only a few days of eating this new food and she has been very sick vomiting bile twice and straining to poo every 30 minutes with little success and she now has blood diarrhoea
She has been to the vet and had faecal samples taken of which both came back negative for parasites, plus she is up to date with vaccinations and worming/tic tablets etc. which suggests she has reacted to something she has eaten and this food is all she has been having. She is now on a bland diet of chicken and rice with probiotics. Only 1.5 days of the new diet and I haven’t noticed any changes to her poo yet and she is still straining. 
This whole time I thought she must have had an obstruction in her bowel from a foreign object or something which was causing the excessive straining and I didn’t even give her new dog food a single thought until my partner suggested today (6/5/22) that because the kibble size was larger than the previous puppy food, that she was having trouble digesting it. So that was when I googled this product today to see if anyone else had any similar issues and that was when I saw all of the reviews on Product Review which are all so consistent with every symptom she has had. I instantly cried once I realised I had been making her sick this whole time by feeding this SH*T to her and I returned the dog food to Petbarn immediately and got a full refund for 2 bags. 
I cannot believe I subjected my beloved pet to this poisonous product. I have been absolutely beside myself all afternoon since seeing all of these online reviews which describe exactly what we have been experiencing this past week.
This product is absolutely terrible and I cannot believe this product is still being sold in pet stores after coming across all of these negative reviews of dogs getting really sick from it. Surely that would be considered necessary for a product recall???
I will never ever be purchasing from this company again.

Ivory Coat Grain free adult chicken and coconut oil (small breeds)
19 days ago

I adopted a cat in May last year. We were advised that Ivory coat would be a great food for our cat. She was very picky with foods and we had at the point of purchasing Ivory coat tried out many different foods. The only one she seemed to like, was the sea food from Ivory coat, The first bag was fine, but then after purchasing the second bag, she started to vomit several times per week.

Before xmas, I had taken her to the vet 4 times between june – dec 2021, they ended up taking bloods, but they could not identify the exact reason as to WHY she was vomiting, but she was missing important nutrients, that was otherwise supposed to be provided in the food.

Her coat started to look like she was sick. She stopped playing and we were quite concerned with her health.
I made a notice of that the food she was vomiting up was NOT broken down. This led me to take a small portion of her dry food, pour hot water over it and wait for it to disintegrate. This did not happen within the first 20 minutes, as you would expect from a zoo keeper point of view, nor did it disintegrate over night.

This made me quite concerned and I reached out to Ivory coat, my vet and to my local pet shop. I immediately stopped using Ivory coat and changed to other foods.

Ivory coat was very disinterested in that their products weren’t breaking down and told me that hot water wasn’t stomach acid. I advised her that I have a zookeeping degree and forensic science degree and no matter what, the foods should have softened up and broken down. The lady I spoke to did not care.

The vet and the pet shop was very supportive and advised to stop the food immediately.

The pet shop also did the hot water experiment and they checked the food daily, but it didnt soften up after a week. Needless to say, they never advise people to purchase Ivory coat.

Luckily, our little girl is still alive.

1 month ago

I purchased Ivory Coat Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Food on 31/3/22 as my dogs normal food was out of stock. I gradually introduced the new food with the remaining old food until this week when my two dogs have been on Ivory Coat only. We noticed that both dogs, a labrador cross and Brittany Spaniel, looked a bit fuller around the stomach in the past week. Last night my Brittany Spaniel at first refused to eat his food ( this never happens!) then he did eat it and less that half hour later vomited it all up. Through the night he had loose stools, until this morning he had bloody diarrhoea. I have placed him on Chicken and rice and hopefully this clears up his stomach.

Ivory Coat Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Food 18kg
Batch No. or Use By Date
28 APR 2023
1 month ago

We lost our Border Collie Marley in April 2021. Ivory Coat was her main source of food. We thought she had got a bout of gastro and placed her on antibiotics. She lost her appetite (this had built up over a month or two of eating less / leaving her pellets), but drinking loads of water, she was also more lethargic – slowing down on her walks and not playing as much at home. She had black bloody stools on and off and ended up at an emergency vet. They tested for cancer and autoimmune diseases and couldn’t find anything. Meanwhile her body was slowly shutting down and she got weaker and weaker. We lost her at 6 years old. It wasn’t until I was alerted to articles circulating about Ivory Coat that this all started falling into place. I read the articles below and all present with very similar symptoms. Given the vets found NO indication of serious illness I can’t help but conclude that you poisoned my dog to death. I will NEVER feed a dog over processed s….t like this again.

Lamb / Sardine and Chicken / Turkey.
1 month ago

My 6 year old shepherd/kelpie cross Sooty had been eating Ivory Coat ‘Lamb and Sardine’ biscuits for two years with no problems until Dec 2021 when he started to experience sudden vomiting and diarrhoea. Thinking it was just a random upset tummy, I would put him on a bland chicken/rice diet and then back on Ivory Coat when his poos were back to normal. However the same thing would happen again within a week. This frequency was unusual and the vomiting and diarrhoea was a lot more urgent than it is if he just had IBS (he couldn’t hold on to go outside and he is extremely well toilet trained!!). I switched to a ‘chicken with coconut oil’ Ivory Coat bag thinking he may have developed an intolerance to lamb or sardine after eating it for a few years. The issues seemed to settle for a couple of weeks but then came back even worse with blood in his diarrhoea and vomiting through the night. The vet has now diagnosed pancreatitis and was very surprised as Sooty is a healthy weight and has no risk factors. I started to suspect his food could have caused or triggered this and now that I’ve seen these stories I feel terrible that I kept feeding it to him…I trusted Ivory Coat as he’d eaten it for years and although I know it’s not premium, it is marketed as a high quality food! But I see now that the owner and manufacturing location and process has changed. Perhaps the new stock had just hit my local petbarn? I don’t know and unfortunately I didn’t keep the bags so I don’t know batch number etc (i think expiry was late 2022). Pancreatitis can be caused by poor diet including fats in dog biscuits becoming rancid or oxidised – I’d be interested in knowing whether Ivory Coat’s manufacturing process or storage lends itself to this. I’m hoping that we have avoided major damage to Soot’s pancreas but I’m not sure as he ate this stuff for so long and i’m worried it gradually damaged his system to the point that it couldn’t handle it anymore 🙁 he’s still only tolerating rice and pumpkin but will be trying him on Acana and Lyka as soon as he can handle it. If no recall, the packaging for Ivory Coat should at least be changed to clearly show this is now a different product.

Lamb and Sardine
1 month ago

My 6 months old poodle is normal healthy and active until I start feeding him Ivory Coat Chicken for grain free for puppies recommended by a Pet Stock staff. He has diaorhea and watery stool 3 or 4 times at one sitting after feeding. His upset tummy also messes up his toilet training. He has no previous issues with Advance chicken puppy food. I’ll definitely stop feeding him with Ivory Coat.

Batch No. or Use By Date
29 Mar 2023
Lena Wallis
1 month ago

A couple of years ago (when my cavoodle was about 1, she is now 3) my girl had severe diaorhea with blood after I bought a large bag of this product. She had eaten it before but this big batch had a very chemical smell to it. When I spoke to someone at pet store they said the manufacturer has changed. She was so sick I had to take her to vet emergency and they kept her for half a day on a drip. I would never use this product again or anything else made by the manufacturer.

Kelpie in Perth
1 month ago

In January 2022, my very healthy and spritely 13 year old kelpie cross suddenly had severe and explosive bloody gastro, vomiting and collapsed with lethargy after she ate from a new bag of Ivory Coat ocean fish and salmon. She was in hospital for 3 days with the worst gastro the vet had seen in a long time and had to have a rectal foley inserted for 3 days. My 8 year dog also had some mild diarrhoea but he’s younger and maybe has a better immune system. They’d always been on Ivory Coat so it wasn’t a case of transitioning from one food to another.

The vet’s assessment read: “…presented in compensated hypovolaemic shock with differentials including pancreatitis, severe gastroenteritis, neoplasia, anaphylaxis and others”. Her faecal results were positive for CLOSTRIDIUM PERFINGENS – a bacteria caused by toxins in contaminated foods. The vet sent me lots of information about this bacteria! Everyone should know about this.

Aside from the Ivory Coat biscuits, my dogs always eat very natural healthy diets. I went back and told the City Farmers shop manager about what had happened and returned the unopened bag and she was very concerned as she always recommends this brand to customers. I no longer had the bag of the suspect biscuits and couldn’t give her the batch number. She was going to notify head office anyway but obviously, nothing happened from there. I got a refund for the unopened bag.

After 3 days under intensive care at the emergency vet, my old girl came home but it took double courses of antibiotics for her to finally recover and a very strict diet. She was very lucky.

The emergency vet took a small sample bag from me of the biscuits as she said there was another vet there that would be interested in testing it out. However, when I checked back, nobody knew anything about it and that was that. Very disappointing.

Why on earth isn’t there a recall on Ivory Coat with so many similar instances of poisoning?! I will now never buy any product manufactured by the Real Pet Food Co.

Ivory Coat ocean fish and salmon
Batch No. or Use By Date
Elysia Blackmore
1 month ago

Fed my pug puppy the Ivory Coat chicken puppy food for 1 day as a trial and my poor pup had the diarrhoea. Had no problems prior that when he was on Royal Canin. Thought feeding him grain free would have been beneficial for him instead it is making him sick.

ivory coat chicken puppy food
Marshall Cobb
1 month ago

I have a 4 month-old Border Collie puppy Macey and was recommended Ivory Coat Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Puppy Food by PetO at Lane Cove.

This is the only food ever fed to her since she came to us at 8 weeks, until at 14 weeks we switched to Lyka (which is brilliant).

For the 6 weeks that she was on Ivory Coat, we experienced constant vomiting, lethargy, and she was even hospitalised for 2 days with extreme vomiting (with blood) and also blood in her diarrhoea.

Macey had a number of other vet visits and needles to ease the nausea, had blood in her pee, a urinary tract infection and a cough.

To be honest, I was a bit stumped about why this was happening, but with a quick Google search of Ivory Coat I found many reports of sick and dying dogs all with very similar symptoms to our puppy.

Happy to provide all the vet records from that period – and more evidence – since we changed food, not one problem.

I complained to PetO, who refused to take it off the shelves, and also to the manufacturers Real Pet Food who were “very sorry to hear this, but it couldn’t possibly be our food – blah blah”

Ivory Coat is literally poison and must be removed from sale.

Ivory Coat Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Puppy Food
Marshall Cobb
Reply to  Marshall Cobb
1 month ago

>>>>> And I also have a very large bag of Ivory Coat Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Puppy Food that I am happy to have tested when that is an appropriate thing to do. Happy to discuss further on 0412 333 469

2 months ago

I picked up some Ivory Coat at PetStock in October 2021. It has been stored in a cool dry internal laundry to date and started using TODAY.
My dog is a 17 month old Japanese Spitz. He enjoys a variety of fresh meats as well as top quality tinned and dry food, We have always given him variety and he has never had a bad reaction to his foods. UNTIL TODAY. He woofed down the new Ivory Coat at around 9am. 1/4 of a cup changing it in slowly, and he seemed to have a preference for it over the final crumbs of his previous dry food.
Then, as I was down to my last bag of dry food, I went about ordering some more, and came across all these shocking reviews. I started to feel sick and without hesitation, decided to cease using this product.
But too late….. By 2pmish he raced outside with quite severe diarrhea and that has continued this afternoon/evening. ONLY 1/4 OF A CUP!
I am so grateful that other owners have raised their concerns and I am able to stop using this product. I have hopefully avoided any long term effects or discomfort for my wee man. As a first time user, I was oblivious to all these issues until today and the product was highly recommended in store.
Not precious, and willing to try new things as my dog is still young, but this has been a total shock.
Is there anyone out their doing some form of investigation into the Ivory Coat products and manufacturing standards?
I will keep the unused product if anyone would like a sample for testing……

Natural Health Adult Lamb + Brown Rice
Batch No. or Use By Date
28th November 2022
2 months ago

My 10 years old dog, Apple had just started having the senior turkey for less than a week when she fell ill on 22nd Sept 2021. She was drinking excessively and urinated every half an hour, vomiting, black stool (which caused by blood), lethargic and her belly was big and firm. After ultrasound, blood & fluid test, the Vet said her liver is not well & usually saw this result on dogs that have ingested something that are toxins. She was given liver detox medications & antibiotics. Sadly, our little Apple passed away on 19th Oct 2021. I hope no else has to go through our pain and grieve. We bought the Ivory Coat bag from Petbarn, with best before date 29 Jan 2023.

Senior Turkey
Batch No. or Use By Date
Last edited 2 months ago by Apple
Reply to  Apple
1 month ago

Hello Apple’s owner, I’m very sorry for your loss. I am one of many people who lost a dog to Ivory Coat. Can you please email us at protectourpets1@gmail.com as we need to speak with you. Sending hugs.

2 months ago

Our Seth is 15 and doing well for his age .. We tried him on a few cans of Ivory Coat .. Lamb and Sardine mostly. He started vomitting (unusual for him) and became quite miserable. I bought this food because it says Australian made and thought I could trust it. Was so angry when I read about the dogs who have died from it and threw out the remaining 2 cans we had of the garbage. Thankfully after a few days Seth has returned to his happy self, still had a bit of a chuck today, but nothing like he was doing. What on earth are these people trying to do .. kill off their customers? So wrong!!!

Ivory coat dog food .. lamb and sardine
2 months ago

My whippet ended up very sick, unfortunately it was a couple of vet visits before we realised it was his food. We went ahead with treatments and an investigative surgery which cost a lot. Once the food was eliminated he returned to normal. Symptoms included unexplained lethargy, vomiting, diahorrea, gunky eyes, inability to move very far, sore stomach (would yelp when touched), no interest in food or water. We feel very lucky that he has survived this experience but feel he came very close to passing. Total nights at the vet were 6 for all the occasions he was sick.

2 months ago

My 16 month old Groodle had been vomiting up his biscuits, feeling very sorry for himself. Nothing new in his diet, the kids swear they didn’t sneak him any table scraps, I’ve been scratching my head. Then realised I had been feeding him from a new bag of Lamb and Coconut Oil Ivory Coat (exp 2022), bought from City Farmers. Same food as always – never any problems. I changed his food ASAP and took the Ivory Coat back to City Farmers and advise them of the situation. Thank goodness everything went back to normal once I changed his food. Never purchasing Ivory Coat again that’s for sure. Such a shame as it used to be good food until something changed in their manufacturing process or ingredients.

Lamb and Rice Adult
Batch No. or Use By Date
Aug 2022
2 months ago

Sept 2020 our guy ended up very sick, explosive from both ends, lethargic, wobbly and not his lab self. Even refusing to eat biscuits!! started from new bag, stopped feeding and gave limited diet, slowly improved, tried a small amount a week later and explosive again. Poor guy was very ill, really bad gastro like symptoms. Nothing else was given, vet agreed it was the food, thankfully no further illness. The biscuits didn’t smell right and a different colour to usual. IC Ocean fish 13kg.
Had fed Ivory Coat for years without issue, unfortunate as was great, especially for allergies. The violent reaction to even a few biscuits is not worth our dogs health/life.
Spoke to Real Pet Food Company, apparently they tested batch and no issues found, offered a new bag (didn’t take). Pet Barn refunded.

Grain Free Ocean Fish & Salmon Adult Dog Food 13kg from PetBarn Ferntree Gully Batch expiry nov 2021. Regular food c
Batch No. or Use By Date
Expiry Nov 2021
2 months ago

Unexplained lethargy, vomiting, diahorrea, coughing/gagging after eating, liver enzymes escalating

Large breed puppy lamb with coconut oilq
Batch No. or Use By Date
Last edited 2 months ago by Dee
2 months ago

My boy started with excessive wind and looked unwell. It quickly progressed to frequent vomiting and bloody diahhorrea. His back legs were wobbly & shaking. He deteriorated rapidly, became paralysed and died a cruel and torturous death. My other dog had the same symptoms but she survived. The vet said she had elevated liver enzymes on her blood test. For anyone reading this, I urge you to share the link to help with public awareness. It will save lives. 

Low fat turkey 
May 2020 

Low fat Turkey
Batch No. or Use By Date
May 2020
2 months ago

Vomiting, gastric haemorrhaging, lethargy, extreme wind, extreme thirst, yellow eyes, death. Long time user of Ivory Coat & this happened after starting a brand new bag of Ivory Coat of the same flavour, so no transition was necessary. The biscuits smelt & looked different but foolishly I didn’t suspect the food until it was too late. Vet results showed very high liver enzymes.

Batch No. or Use By Date
July 2021
2 months ago

I became suspicious of Ivory Coat Seniors Low Fat dried food after opening a new bag (exp Aug 22). During feeding the Ivory Coat bag before this one (exp Feb 22) I noticed low level gastric issues, lethargy and lack of interest in food. With the new bag it was exacerbated. The week that she ate from that batch she drank frequently, urinated frequently, gagged after eating and more often, passed wind, stools were very soft and mucus was present. I spoke to vet, gave cooked chicken and rice and slowly introduced another brand of food. The tummy issues went away, she stopped the gagging, happily ate the new dried food and was more energetic.

Seniors Low Fat Dried Food
Batch No. or Use By Date
August 2022