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About Leaps & Bounds

Leaps & Bounds is a home brand of PetBarn, manufactured by The Real Pet Food Co, Australia.

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1 month ago

My 11 year old Shitzu has just been diagnosed with heart disease, she was fine till about a month ago, started coughing and having what looked like thickness in her chest (it was fluid). In February we changed her dry food over from a basic varietiy bought at Coles to Leaps and Bounds as it ‘looked’ healthier and I thought with her getting older maybe we need to look into it. I can’t help but think this rapid decline is related. The vet said that it is normal for this type of dog and it’s age. It was the largest bag and it is almost empty, so it wasn’t even a bags worth. She has wet food also. I have organised to change her food but I don’t think we can reverse the heart damage if that is the problem.

Chicken Fish Dry Food
3 months ago

Im concerned about this brand. I started feeding my healthy 8 year old cat leaps and bounds wet cat food, which she loved the taste of and devoured it when she’s normally very fussy. But no more than a month later, she appeared unwell one morning, no energy, thought I’d take her to the vet when I got home from work that same day, but she was dead. I didn’t get tests done but it sounds similar to the posts below.

I didn’t think it was connected to the food, I thought it might’ve been a snake or spider bite. Today I bought leaps and bounds kitten food for our new kitten, but then it occurred to me to look up reviews, with my poor dead cat in mind and was shocked to read the below reviews. I’ve read on another website that the company doesn’t give out much information. Seems suss. I’m throwing out all the kitten food and will go into petbarn to have a chat.

Anyone else have similar concerns?

Adult cat wet food, various jelly flavours
Batch No. or Use By Date
4 July 2025
10 months ago

Change of packaging only for Leaps&Bounds. Unfortunately NOT.
Due to chicken allergies in my 18mth old Pyrenean Mountain dog I used to feed Lamb and Veggies patties. Now they sneaked in Chicken. My own fault to not check ingredients when noticing the new package. I only confirmed with staff at petbarn that it’s still the same ingredients. This is what they where told, no change to the product, only to the packaging. Just be aware people, my poor pup had to pay the price with bad diarrhoea.
Very disappointing.

Adult Lamb frozen
Batch No. or Use By Date
Use bu 23 Jan25
1 year ago

Kangaroo and carrot roll flared my dogs allergy to chicken, so I believe the ingredients label is misleading as you think you are buying roo and veggies but it contains other proteins.

1 year ago

Just wanted to add that I’ve had exactly the same experience as Diana has explained in the post below. Earlier this year I lost my healthy recently turned 10 Golden Retriever, she was on Leaps & Bound for about a year. With frequent health checks and bloodwork, she was a perfectly healthy Golden Retriever who in a day deteriorated to sudden death. Her health took a turn for the worst in the span of an hour, took her to the vet as she collapsed and had no energy, was told her Pancreas was irritated and the vet questioned what we were feeding her. After IV treatment we thought she was better but shortly after taking her home she succumb to her illness. Vet told us to change her food brand before sending us home. Without a doubt I truely believe Leaps & Bounds is causing life threatening Pancreatitis to dogs. I complained to the company to investigate the batch but never heard back from them officially. Avoid this brand by all means, it is not worth your furbabies life.

Leaps & Bounds Adult food various flavours
Batch No. or Use By Date
2 years ago

I started buying Leaps & Bounds since CityFarmers became Petbarn over 5 years ago. 

Both of my dogs never got sick and seemed to like the different flavours. They aren’t fed human food as I believed they were eating good, budget food though, in comparison with Purina and other supermarket brands. 

On Feb 20th 2022, I lost my apparently healthy 8 year old Border Collie to severe pancreatitis and liver nodules. 

My 9 year old Husky had a health check, as they were having the same brand, her bloods showed what it could be the beginning of an unhealthy pancreas. I will never buy this brand again. 

I understand every dog is different and may or may not react to certain ingredients/toxins the same but, since 2 dogs have shown different degrees of pancreatic issues, I am deeply concerned this brand has potential issues and might be shortening pets’ lives.

I have contacted The Real Pet Food Co. but I haven’t heard from them yet.

Leaps & Bounds Adult food various flavours
Batch No. or Use By Date
Used since 2016 approx.