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About Prime100

Prime100 is an Australian pet food manufacturer.

Logged issues

Date: 01/07/2018

Plastic found in multiple rolls. Hard plastic and soft plastic of different colours. Prime100 first denied awareness of the issues, and later alerted their Facebook followers of a “single instance” of “soft plastic”. Photographic evidence of multiple issues on social media showed this to be untrue, and the company were fully aware of the multiple issues.

A pet food store confirmed the issues had occurred prior and the company were notified. No recall or alert was made to consumers.

Further information

From Pet Food Reviews Australia:

A complaint was made to PetStock of plastic found in Prime100 SPD Kangaroo & Pumpkin in mid-June (see pic).

A separate consumer reported plastic in the Beef & Vegetable roll direct to Prime100 on 17th June (photo in comments shows a blue foreign object).

Prime100 have commented on this post claiming the original complaint to PetStock was not plastic, but was bone. They have claimed the blue object was an “isolated” incident, and later claimed it to be plastic from a container liner.

Further reports (with photos) show it isn’t an isolated incident. Crocodile roles have also been affected.

Update 04/07/2018 – Prime100 notified their Facebook followers of “a small piece of plastic being found in a roll”, despite evidence on this post showing the issue to be more significant. Prime100 are aware of the multiple incidents.

Related images

30-08-2018 Plastic in Prime 100 Roll
30-08-2018 Plastic in Prime 100 Roll

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3 months ago

I have a 5 month old puppy who I was making home made chicken and veggies for and he had no problems. A friend recommended Prime and I purchased the beef puppy roll, everything was fine and I was happy. The 2nd time I purchased the Turkey and Flaxseed and wow! I have been up every night letting puppy out for explosive diarrhoea every hr or so. It has to be the prime roll, as the diarrhoea is only at night, after eating it.

Turkey and flaxseed
4 months ago

Was very happy when my 6 month old very picky eater was eating the SPD Air Dried Lamb, Apple & Blueberry by herself without prompting but unfortunately it did not sit well with her stomach as she would regurgitate it out a few hours later. She also had inconsistent diarrhea for a few days while on it.
Continued trying it for a few days but same issue so I switched it to the Turkey and Flaxseed Roll Puppy Food and so far so good with the roll. A few occasional diarrhea here and there but no vomiting.

Air Dried Lamb, Apple & Blueberry Puppy Food
5 months ago

We have been using the Turkey and Salmon puppy rolls for our 7 month golden retriever for months with no issue. Last week, he became violently ill (vomiting and diarrhoea) and was rushed to the vet. He was treated for gastroenteritis and told to only feed dry foods while he settled, and did as such and he was all better within a few days. As soon as we resumed his normal diet with Prime 100, he became ill again, now isolating the issue to either the Prime 100 Turkey or Salmon puppy role. Spoke to our local petbarn and we agreed that it must’ve been a bad batch, and were assisted to purchase new rolls with different batch numbers. Waited a few days for him to settle again then purchased a new roll and same thing happened again. 
He was so so unwell, that we don’t want to risk trying prime 100 again.

Turkey/Salmon Prime 100
Batch No. or Use By Date
G Esta
5 months ago

My two dogs (2yr old shih tzu and 5yr old maltese) had been on Prime 100 salmon, boar, and kangaroo with pumpkin for years but the rolls I bought in Dec 2023 caused vomitting and diarrhoea. I also noticed that the kangaroo had the worst effect.

Prime100 Kangaroo with Pumpkin
5 months ago

My girl has these rolls as a main meals every day my girl staffy Ruby she is always very happy and playful since they changed packeging/ingredients these rolls are not the same i open a new roll gave it to her 20 min later explosive yellow diarrhea vomit gagging lethargy watery eyes and sore belly i knew it was the food i made her comfortable and she slept most of that day next day same…she didnt want to eat nothing she just vomited and constant diarrhea rush to the vet cause of illness Prime 100 SPD Kangoroo and Pumpking…cooked her blant food and thought stupid me maybe she got allergic to kangoroo been eating it for 4 years so i brought the Prime 100 SPD
Salmon and Tapioca same shit happen!!! these rolls a nasty and full of bamboo fiber thats a very bad for dogs the salmon had bones sticking out of the roll imagine on a dogs stomach..I WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM THEM AGAIN…THEY ARE DISHONEST WITH THEIR PRODUCTS!

Prime 100 SPD Kangoroo/Pumpkin and Salmon Tapioca
Batch No. or Use By Date
April 2024
S Selby
5 months ago

Our 12yo Border Collie has been sick for 4 days now, went vet yesterday and have to drop her back this morning.

They had 4 other individuals who have their dogs at our vet with the same issue and were feeding them prime 100 (prime pantry).

Batch ID: 312031
Purchased about 2 weeks ago.
Symptoms: Vomiting, Nausea, Diarrhea, Blood in stool, Lethargy

Prime 100 (Prime Pantry) Snapper
Batch No. or Use By Date
5 months ago

Started feeding a turkey flaxseed roll on 22/11/23 to all three of my dogs who are raw fed and have guts of steel, we do not need to transition to any new food and Prime100 rolls were not new anyway, had been using as training rewards for years. One dog (Finnish Lapphund) is on their own diet primarily Big Dog, while the other two dogs (Collies) rotate between diy, nutritionist recipes, base mixes, balancers, Big Dog raw – healthy digestive systems from a varied diet. Over the next few days as I was using the roll for training and walks, poos started softening, didn’t think anything about it. By Sunday 26/11/23 two dogs, the Lappie who eats a different diet to the Collies due to allergies plus my female Collie were having diarrhoea, my male Collie just had soft stools. Lappie refused breakfast that morning which is not normal, he never refuses meals, and over course of day he became increasingly lethargic, didn’t finish his dinner either. Around 10pm that night the Lappie became increasingly unwell and the liquid bloody diarrhoea began, every 15 minutes he was needing to be rushed out for non stop liquid bloody diarrhoea which lasted around 2 hours when he finally slowed to around every 30-40 minutes, at that point I drove him to the emergency vet as he was dripping blood from his anus. They gave him the all clear to wait for our regular vet to open where he ended up spending the day on a drip. My girl was already on bland diet by this stage and off the Prime roll as suspicions led me to the Prime roll which is THE ONLY food the three dogs had in common. Lappie came home Monday night with Pro-kolin and electrolytes, with the drip, almost $400 at the vet. Next morning my girl crashed, refused breakfast also not normal, even refused cheese(!!), she was flat and lethargic when she is normally a bright spark who is high energy. Straight into vet, also put on electrolytes and Pro-kolin another $200 down, but good thing because within an hour of getting home and administering Pro-kolin she had a single bloody diarrhoea, identical to the Lappies. Spent the next few days with two dogs basically in at home intensive care, around the clock electrolytes, Pro-kolin, frequent small meals of either cooked turkey and rice (Lappie) or cooked chicken, pumpkin and rice (Collie) which I had to hand feed to Lappie as he was so nauseous for several days, endless mopping of floors, washing of towels and bedding, I refused to leave home for more than a couple of hours just in case anyone had to rush to the toilet. My Collie girl recovered within a few days thankfully she was caught early, rushing her to vet the moment I woke up to her crashing; the Lappie took a solid fortnight to recover to some sort of normalcy, he was that sick from the roll. Prime are refusing to acknowledge there is a problem with their formula or rolls in general, I have been in contact with them via email since early December requesting reimbursement of almost $600 in vet bills which is looking unlikely as they are refusing to acknowledge any responsibility on their behalf despite in our situation, the Prime roll was THE ONLY food the three dogs had in common leading up to the gastrointestinal drama.

Prime100 Turkey and Flaxseed
Batch No. or Use By Date
February 2024
Tamara Shead
6 months ago

within 24h of eating
with no other cause isolated

Chicken with broccoli and apple
Batch No. or Use By Date
3120 rest of number unreadable
Tamara Shead
6 months ago

My dogs have had prime as treats for training. Over the course of using it I have found them to have intermittent bouts of gastro, gagging and vomiting as a whole without a definitive cause. Once we removed prime 100 from our program the dogs have vastly improved.

Mostly the store bought chicken and veg seemed to cause the issues
Batch No. or Use By Date
This has been ongoing for about 3 months from today.
6 months ago

Last week I gave my dogs the Kangaroo roll and they had diarrhoea for days. I suspected the roll as they had not eaten anything else that I felt was likely to make them sick. Won’t be buying Prime again.

Kangaroo roll
Batch No. or Use By Date
I threw it away before noting this
1 year ago

Skd200F Skin and digestion kangaroo and pumpkin adult and senior dogs, dog roll. Been feeding for years the same diet, the last roll has not been sitting well. Once eaten, vomits 2-4 hours later. No change in appetite.

Skd200F kangaroo and pumpkin
Batch No. or Use By Date
13/07/2023 BN303052