Smitten (Woolworths)

Smitten (Woolworths)

Woolworths Smitten Recall & Issue Log

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About Woolworths Smitten

Woolworths Smitten is a home brand pet food product manufactured by Australian Pet Brands, a subsidiary of The Real Pet Food Co, Australia.

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28 days ago

I’ve been giving my 7 & 8 year old cats the Seafood loaf selection pouches for an about a month or two due to the growing costs of other branded wet cat food and all seemed okay until the past day. Younger cat threw up basically everything she had eaten in the previous 24 hours. Thought it was just a one off thing because she’s a known picky eater. Came home today and my older cat had just done the same. Never had any issues before and this was after opening a new box but this was enough to completely put me off and I won’t be purchasing Smitten anymore.

Seafood Selection loaf pouches adult 1+years
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 month ago

I have been purchasing smitten kitten food for a while now and my kittens loveee the beef packets in it. I’ve noticed a change in colour of the beef, they are more reddish now from the 2 boxes i purchased last week. The previous packets i’ve purchased the beef is more brown. I noticed this right away but didn’t think much of it and still feed it to my 5 month old kitten. He has vomitted 3 times now due to this food, he has never vommited before. Has there been a change in the formula?

Smitten kitten food
4 months ago

I have two sick Bengals. Have never tried the Smitten Kitten before. Looked a little oily but smelled ok.
Gave some to each cat and within 6 hours they were both ill. Spewing and runny shit.
Both cats refuse food and have done so for several days. Will be taking them to vet tomorrow. Avoid This food. It’s bad!

Smitten Kitten Mince with Real Chicken
Batch No. or Use By Date
5 months ago

both my healthy older cats are vomiting from this batch of smitten dry food. Normally ok with this brand. My friend gave some of the food to her cat & now it is sick.

smitten complete feline nutrition adult 1+years
Batch No. or Use By Date
best before 19/06/2025
11 months ago

Bought the 12 pack of smitten Kitten satchets was excited to try these on my cat. She became very sick vomiting until she was dry retching and having diahhorea until she was deydrated. I’m thankful she recovered well and regained hydration and healthy appetite. But I was disappointed and angry with Smitten for creating a product that could make my Tortoiseshell so terribly sick.Returned the product and told the Woolworths staff what happened to my precious cat. Hope no other cat gets that sick it’s so distressing.

Kitten 12 pack satchets
Reply to  Kjay
1 month ago

THIS IS HAPPENING TO MY KITTEN TOO. How did you get her to feel better???

2 years ago

I have been a carer of cats and kittens for several years and I have found that the Smittens brand of tinned food, without fail, has caused diarrhoea in each and every cat and kitten. It is so bad that I refuse to use the food even when it has been donated for the care of our felines.

Smittens - all flavours
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