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About SuperVite

SuperVite is an Australian brand of pet food manufactured by Hypro Pet Foods.

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7 months ago

Just tried the supervite “happy dog” this week and my Staffy who normally eats anything without a worry has not stopped throwing up 🤬. Will be taking back to the store. And letting them know.

Happy dog
1 year ago

Midnight and Nursing my French bulldog hoping he can hold out till the vet opens in the morning after feeding him super vite dog food, stupidly grabbed a bag from the corner shop to save a supermarket run HUGE MISTAKE! he has diarrhoea constantly vomiting extreme bloat in horrendous pain and can hardly even stand up. This stuff is like poison and should be banned. Hopefully this post might save some other families pet from the same pain our boy is currently going through, I have never seen a dog get so sick from something they ate absolutely do not feed this to ur dog. I really really wish I hadn’t 😭

Super vite
1 year ago

All 3 of my dogs vomited numerous times after eating this product/batch. They have had it before with no problem. I spoke with a product representative who told me they had tested the previous batch and found premium oil mixed in the food, which was recalled. She said my batch should have been fine but I threw it out.

Happy Dog
Batch No. or Use By Date
16 Feb 2024
1 year ago

I purchased SuperVite Gold Label from my local grain store in Moe (Vic). My kelpie is a good eater but after the first serving, he vomited it up, became lethargic and would not go near this product. I stop feeding this to him , It took a couple of days before he was back to normal behaviour.

SuperVite Gold label Beef
Batch No. or Use By Date
Not sure
Estelle Reddel
1 year ago

My two dogs got sick and one eventually had renal failure and had to be euthanised. Sad and costly.

Happy dog
1 year ago

My french mastiff cross ate this for the first time yesterday and was sick everywhere thru the night he has never done this before, and my other dog wouldn’t even touch the biscuits …so is there something wrong here?????

Chicken Gold. Adult
Batch No. or Use By Date
15 Aug 2024
1 year ago

If I could complain about one brand under Hypro Pet Care that is not listed here and that is their DogPro range. DogPro Original Oven Baked Working Dog made my dogs so terribly sick with vomiting and bloating after just one feed.

DogPro Oven Baked Working Dog