Baxters (Woolworths)

Baxters (Woolworths)

Woolworths Baxters Recall & Issue Log

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About Woolworths Baxters

Baxters is a home brand of Woolworths manufactured in Australia.

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Robyn Doughty
7 months ago

I started feeding Border Collie ,aged three , a couple of Baxter’s Dog Biscuits a day .
i noticed after a few days the dog was vomiting small vomits that looked like the biscuits.
Stopped feeding those and vomiting stopped. Then saw the Baxter’s reviews and I am shocked
that Woolworths is still selling products that are implicated in dogs’ ill health and
death . I will be returning the dog biscuits and putting in a complaint at my local Wooworths store.

Batch No. or Use By Date
Best before 18/10/25
11 months ago

I posted on here back in June. My dog passed away. After a few months eating baxters. I have no words.
please don’t feed this brand to your dogs
she was experiencing seizures and vommiting

Baxters dry and wet food
1 year ago

Both of our dogs passed away last week a couple of days apart. They had both eaten baxters dry dog food.

Our first dog to pass was an older large breed so we assumed it was natural causes. Our second dog was younger and healthier and died a couple of days later.

We did not feed them anything else in that time.

Maybe it wasn’t the food but I feel it is more than just a coincidence after coming across numerous reports about this brand of food.

I have kept the bag of food and I am looking into having it independently tested.

Baxters dry food with beef
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

My dog is currently experiencing seizures from this food, it started happening around the time I started buying this brand. It also made her very sick with vomiting and diarrhoea, have switched to the hills brand fingers crossed she won’t experience any more seizures

Angry dog owner
1 year ago

Do not feed this to your dogs! One dead and the other needs putting down. Bladder issues then bowel loss seizures vomiting. To some people their pets are basically children. Woolworths take it off shelves already.

Baxter's dry dog biscuts
Michelle Davis
1 year ago

My local Woolworths didn’t have our usual dog biscuits so i grabbed a bag of these two and a half weeks ago. For the past two weeks our jack Russell has been going down hill, unable to walk properly, blood in faeces (pooping black tar) in terrible pain. Multiple vet visits and $$$$ unfortunately we’re not seeing any improvement in her health. Absolutely distraught that i didn’t know about this food being so terribly unsafe.

Baters adult small breed with real beef & veg
Batch No. or Use By Date
03/08/2024 00:55
Terri Reeve-Fermor
1 year ago

My boy, he looked as healthy 3 weeks ago as the first picture, and now he is currently fighting for his life. I purchased a bag of baxters dry dog biscuts for the firstt time on the 29th of march. He went down hill rapidly. Blood in stool, and urine, stomach convulsions,vomiting,diarrhoea, lethargic, excessive drool, and can barely stand. I had no idea of the major issues with baxters, and only purchased it as times are tough on alot of families at the moment- mine is not immune.. thanks to baxters, times are even tougher with vet bills and medication. He is showing small improvements since removing all traces of baxters from his diet, only 24 hourse ago.. making home made food for him and pumping him with injectable vitamin C. Please keep everything crossed for a full recovery.
i am absolutely furious that so many people have been affected by the lack of duty of care this company ,and woolworths have shown.

Baxters dry dog biscuts
1 year ago

I have transferred my dog onto baxter dry food.
I introduced the food slowly- over 14 days.
Over that period I started to notice that my dog started to have an upset stomach, I continued the plan thinking her stomach would settle.

She continued to deteriorate. I had taken her to the vet clinic and was treated for an inflamed stomach and throat lining blood tests where done, I was informed that compared to get past blood tests her blood was clotting much slower as per her usual checkups. She was then placed on medication an inflammation and antibiotic.
She briefly improved while on medication.
She became worse once her course of antibiotics finished.
Her diarrhoea was mainly blood, samples where collected.
There was throwing up and she was constantly distressed from and inflamed throat creating her to die reach.

I become to my wits end and after a few weeks of non stop issues we could not continue to feed her this.
Once I stopped feeding your product my dog started to improve.
I gave my dog food to a friend hoping their dog would be more suitable (our dog has never had issues with other brands we have tried before)
Our friends dog begun to show the same symptoms as our dog did, they continued thinking it may of just been the transition but their dog continued to decline.

I am really disappointed in this product, causing unnecessary damage. This product is branded to be safe for dogs to eat. Which is clearly untrue.
Due to your product we have now spent time at the vet clinic pay expenses that should not of arised in the first place.
Being up for multiple nights helping our sick dog go to the toilet and cleaning her up after her having an accidents.

Terry Ur
1 year ago

I regularly fed my dogs baxters dry dog food small breeds. On more than one occasion it resulted in bloody diarrhoea. It’s not safe at all. It’s not the result of a change in diet, as it was their main stay. They always had water available and there was no other changes in their habits to account for it. I also don’t use insecticides or other poisons in my house sure to my own medical conditions. Now that I’ve discovered others had the same experience I won’t be buying it again. I make my own dogs food from now on so I know exactly what’s going into it and my dogs haven’t looked healthier.

Baxters small dog breed dry food
1 year ago

A pup I had 4 years ago got very sick on Baxters tin food but was fine when I changed the brand of food. Stupidly I bought a bag of biscuits on Sunday not thinking and my dog died on Tuesday night because of this garbage! Have complained to Woolworths and hopefully they do something about it this time

Baxters dog biscuits
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

I got a bag of this food and fed my dogs one cup full each, the next day one of my dogs is vomiting regularly and my other elderly dog is extremely bloated and in extreme pain, taking her to the vets today, may need to put her down.

Don’t buy this food!

Baxters dry food
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

I gave my 4 month old puppy baxter puppy food brought from Woolworths
He was vomiting and couldn’t stand up then went stiff it terrified me he could’ve died it took a few days till he was back to normal this baxter dog food is deadly it needs to be removed

Baxter tin puppy food
2 years ago

My dog nearly died last week after eating this Baxters food for the first time. He had severe diarrhoea and bleeding, he became so unwell he was unable to stand or walk. After a visit to the vet and being given antibiotics plus pain relief and a strict diet he is now making a slow recovery. This should not be sold after all the reports of healthy dogs dying. I was certain my dog was not going to survive he was so sick.

Dry food and loaf
Brian Kentwell
2 years ago

My pet became very lethargic and vomiting after eating Baxters wet food. After a couple of days we took her to the vet , came good next day after a nausia tablet from the vet. She is an 11 year old lab in great health previously with excellent bloodwork results. Younger lab of 4 had no issues but we only bought the 2 cans to try. I seem to have no problem with the Baxters dry munchies I give the dogs when training or on walks. We actually did try the Baxters wet food some time ago with 2 other labs we had and they would not eat it at all!

5 kinds
Sue Daniels
2 years ago

I nearly lost my old dog feeding him Baxters wet dog food. He was walking like he was drunk, lethargic, breathing funny, panting and his eyes were glassy. I pumped him full of concentrated vitamin in water for 2 days. By the third he was eating a bit of cat food. A week later he was back to his normal self thank goodness. I’m chucking the lot and I’ve put him on a different diet.

Baxters casserole
2 years ago

My boy became so sick after having Baxter’s canned food. I always made his food fresh but I cheated and stupidly bought some canned food for while I was in hospital giving birth. He went into liver failure and his body shut down, passing away a week and a half later.

2 years ago

My dog was violently ill after eating Baxter’s. Also after eating Nature’s Gift. I’m lucky he didn’t digest either. Feel profoundly sad for those who have lost their pets due to this issue. I lost 2 cats to a food related illness. So tragic.

2 years ago

I have two dogs in intensive care at the vets, one with liver failure from eating this brand of pet food. I purchased it as a quick feed option during Christmas – biggest mistake of my life and I may have to say good by to my two best friends due to feeding them something anyone would think was safe. The vet said it’s the preservatives they use in this brand and has heard and seen many cases for Baxters dogfood.


I wrote this after Christmas and since then I lost one baby a few weeks later and she also had liver failure, and today my other baby had to be put to sleep as he couldn’t fight anymore. I cant explain the pain I feel, or the horror and blame I carry with me for buying this dogfood thinking it was safe.

I just hope that people see this and even if you’ve been feeding this all their lives please stop, it’s just your dog is coping with the stuff that’s in it but will die early age or have many complications.

Baxters dogroll
Batch No. or Use By Date
2021 december