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Meals for Mutts officially announced a recall on 27th October 2023 due to “a concern regarding the presence of mould in some of our dry dog products”. Numerous consumers have lodged reports here. Information may be found on the recall alert Facebook post from MfM Australia. Affected batches Grain Free Salmon and Sardine 2.5Kg 3/09/2024 5/09/2024 7/09/2024 Grain Free Salmon and Sardine 20Kg 20/08/2024 1/09/2024 4/09/2024 6/09/2024 17/09/2024 9/10/2024 Grain Free Salmon and Sardine 9Kg 20/08/2024 26/08/2024 27/08/2024 5/09/2024 6/09/2024 7/09/2024 14/09/2024 26/09/2024 Salmon and Sardine 20Kg 16/08/2024 17/08/2024 4/10/2024 Salmon and Sardine 9Kg 5/09/2024 Salmon and Sardine Large Kibble 20Kg 18/07/2024 19/07/2024 12/10/2024 Salmon and Sardine Large kibble 9Kg 12/08/2024 13/08/2024 Grain Free Duck and Turkey 2.5Kg 1/09/2024 3/09/2024 4/09/2024 Grain Free Duck and Turkey 20Kg 4/09/2024 7/09/2024 20/09/2024 Grain Free Duck and Turkey9Kg 3/09/2024 4/09/2024 5/09/2024 High Performance Turkey 20Kg 13/08/2024 High Performance Turkey 9Kg 13/08/2024

Pet Meat Recall Maffra Knackery Victoria

Recall of fresh and frozen raw pet meat sourced from Gippsland and sold between 31st May 2021 and 3rd July 2021. Products may be labelled “Maffra Knackery Chopped” or “Backman’s Greyhound Supplies”. Maffra Knackery, also trading as Backman’s Greyhound Supplies, has launched a recall of raw chopped meat products in relation to 12 dog deaths and 50 reported illnesses. The recall, with recalls being voluntary in Australia, comes three weeks after the spate of sicknesses was originally reported to vets via the PetFAST system facilitated by the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). PetFAST reported “a cluster of cases of acute hepatopathy in Victorian dogs fed pet meat has recently been identified” and “advises alerting clients and members of public whose dogs have eaten pet meat (especially if sourced from Victoria) and have acute onset of vomiting, inappetence, excessive thirst, or jaundice to contact their veterinarian as soon as possible”. The sickness and deaths,…

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