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LifeWise is an Australian brand of pet food.

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1 month ago

Back in January 2023 our local pet store recommended our 3 yo Golden Retriever Harvey try Lifewise Biotic skin as he had some skin sensitivity in summer. He had already been on other Lifewise kibble along with veggies and raw chicken/ sardines. We put him on Biotic skin and things improved a bit and then they had a production ‘issue’ and it was out of stock for a few months. When it was back in stock  ( I bought on 20/9/23) and went home with a fresh pack, transitioned him and then the drama started ! The pack I bought had a best before sticker of 11 Mar 2025 but I could not find a batch number on it.

Immediately he vomited a few hours later, drank a lot of water and started to have violent diarrhoea / 3-4 times overnight. We stopped the Biotic kibble and he settled. Slowly gave him some more a few days later, same result. Stopped immediately. Meanwhile I decanted the giant 15kg bag into my sealed dog food container ( in the same position for years) and within hours the whole container and all the kibble was covered in ants. We have never had ants in the house.

I took a sample back to my local petshop and the owner was very sympathetic and had other people returning this kibble to her. She immediately rang Lifewise and they started deflecting. Must be a problem in your area, people aren’t storing it correctly etc etc. They said they would pick up my sample and test it which took months, but after much follow up nobody heard anything.

Meanwhile my local pet store had some old sample packs of Biotic Skin. We compared these to my new kibble and it was vastly different. My kibble was very dark in colour and greasy. We tasted it and it was super salty and very unpalatable. She rang Lifewise again and they basically didn’t believe her. I suspect it had a salty tallow contamination overload – which explains the ants

A few days later, I was contacted by a lady called Deb who was the pet nutritionist at Lifewise. She proceeded to not only disbelieve me but berated me for not storing my kibble correctly (it should only be kept in the bag it comes in – which nobody has mentioned EVER), also my supplemental feeding of veg/sardine/chicken was a huge disaster for my dog as he should only exclusively eat Lifewise as it is so scientifically proven etc etc. Alarm bells started to ring as it dawned on me they weren’t even interested in investigating this contamination. We switched to the chicken lifewise kibble and he still got upset tummies.

I spoke to Laurel at Lifewise who I have communicated with since 2006. She also didn’t believe me and said they went through such rigorous testing and all her dogs were Ok and was there something wrong in the water down here and she made disparaging remarks about my local pet store ( they are independent and fantastic). At this stage I decided there was something very wrong going on at Lifewise and I wanted no part of it.

I was shocked and dismayed at their lack of care. I mean it was obviously a contaminated batch and they just didn’t care. What other dogs were affected across Australia ? It was quite upsetting for us as we have been such a loyal customer for 17 years.

I checked back with my pet store in late November and there had been no update or feedback from Lifewise.

Harvey now eats 50% Lyka and 50% Eureka and it is just life changing for him. He always had a shiny coat but now glows in the dark and his poos are just perfect and no smell. Itching has stopped and yeast infections gone. Both of these suppliers have been fantastic with information and deliveries. We are just so happy and really lucky to be able to afford this food – but hey, no vet bills.

Lifewise Biotic Skin
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