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About Nature’s Gift

Nature’s Gift is a pet food product manufactured by The Real Pet Food Co, Australia.

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1 month ago

The deli roll purchased 15/1/2024 smelt a little and had water dripping from it. My dog had very bad diarrhoea and has gone off his food.

Kangaroo deli roll
Batch No. or Use By Date
1 year ago

My 5year old Arab Bull cross Irish Wolfhound named Lunar was healthy, happy and very active prior to eating Nature’s Gift. 

On Monday the 28th February 2022 I purchased 3 bags of Natures Gift from Woolworths. 

I usually buy Natures Goodness, Woof or Nood from Coles depending on which one is on sale. I also give Lunar large fresh bones. Left overs and fresh meat on rare occasions. 

She previously ate Supercoat beef and chicken but when it gave her a rash I stopped feeding it to her. She never liked their Salmon and Ocean Fish. 

On the Monday night I fed her Natures Gift. She smelt the food and hesitated to eat it at first but then proceeded to eat it.  I usually wait if I buy a brand she’s never eaten before in case she doesn’t eat it. So I left her and locked her inside her pen as I usually do every night. 

Tuesday it was torrential rain so I didn’t let her out of her pen at all during the day. At around 9:10pm the rain had stopped. I went out to feed her with Natures Gift for a second time. 

Usually she would come out of her dog house and run over to eat but she didn’t. She remained curled up in her dog house and wouldn’t get up. I called out to her several times and she hardly lifted her head. I was on the phone to my friend John at the time and I told him something wasn’t right with Lunar. 

I went back 20 min later and she was still in the same position. It was raining heavy again so I left her pen door open for her to come to my back door. 

I messaged my dad that night and told him Lunar wasn’t well and to please whipper snip her pen for me. 

In the morning she was at the back door, my Father came down and checked her pen, she didn’t touch her food. The food swelled and so he discarded it. 

I gave her a hemp treat that she had eaten without issue before as it was small and light and decided to monitor her. She ate it slowly. I left her out for the day so she could stay up at my mums residence while I was gone. 

When I got home she was up at my mums waiting for me to get home. She still wasn’t 100% but was walking around and seemed on the mend from the morning and previous night. 

My mum gave her a venison treat that afternoon around 6pm. She remained at my mums house because of the rain. 

I called to Lunar later that night for dinner. She came home but flat out refused to eat the dog food which I thought was unusual. I fed her some of my left overs from that day instead. I thought if she didn’t want to eat that then her stomach must still not be right. Lunar ate that without an issue. I poured the dog food back in the bag and decided I was going to complain the next day as Lunars behaviour towards it was not normal. 

I left Lunar out overnight so she could stay at the back door. That morning my dad messaged me to tell me Lunar was up at his place, she was bloated and to take her to the vet immediately. 

It took 4 of us to lift her and put her in my Prado. I drove straight to the vet with my eldest daughter. When we arrived at the vet we put her on a stretcher. The vet saw her immediately. He said it’s the worst thing that could happen to a dog. He would put a tube down her throat and hopefully release the gas that had bloated her if it didn’t work they would perform surgery and see what the problem was. 

An hour later He called me to advise to come back immediately. The tube didn’t work and they opened her up to find her stomach had ruptured and the contents was all in her body. He found rice, grass, leaves and pebble debris from her stomach. Signs that she was sick and was trying to settle her stomach 

There was no way they could save her, she was too far gone, in a human it would take days to flush out all the food etc and even then they would need to cut part of her stomach and re attach it and she still might not survive it. The right thing to do was to put her down. It cost me $451 to lose her.

I have 4 daughters and it has impacted them and other family and friends who were close to Lunar tremendously. She was loved and was a loving and gentle dog. 

Lunar had no prior conditions. She was an integral part of our family and daily life. No words can express the pain we feel now that she is gone. 

I believe, given the events described that Lunars death was a direct result from eating nature’s gift. 

Assumed batch number 868 110 
Barcode is 9 314 364 336 783 
Best Before 02/08/2023 08:42

I have since found out that there have been other reports on side effects after eating this brand and brands made by the same parent company of dog food within the same time period. 

This product needs to be removed off the shelves immediately. No one should have to see their pet suffer, die or lose a family member. 

Batch No. or Use By Date
Yvonne mochael
2 years ago

My dog had a natures gift meal and became sick, throwing up all night . She was having raw food and I ran out so fed her this with awful result, she is fine now and back on raw food.